Irish Wolfhound di Castello Berge

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registered kennel at the DWZRV, VDH and FCI

certified according to § 11 TierSchG and § 10 LHundG NRW

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Since 1985 we have been living with our animals in a small rural village, a part of Odenthal, with acres of adjacent forest. In the middle of this wonderful location, near popular excursion destinations such as Dhünntalsperre, Altenberger Dom and Eifgenbachtal, our dogs can run, romp around and play in rural surroundings to their hearts content.

It goes without saying that our animals live with us in our house. We do not like kennel keeping in principle. We are of the opinion that one gets to know the wonderful characters of the dogs, of whichever breed, only by living in close proximity. Of course we are out in the fields and the forest with our four-legged friends every day, meeting other dogs and people and all enjoying ourselves. Even if a dog is born with a perfect temperament, this will not thrive if its spirit is offered insufficient stimulation.

The Origins of our Kennel name - Di Castello Berge (from Castle Berge)

The old Castle Berge at Odenthal-Altenberg was the ancestral seat of the Dukes of Berg, who also gave the Bergisches Land its name. The original castle was built around 1060 AD. Around 1133 the Dukes of Berg moved to their newly erected (building commenced in 1118) Burg Castle on the Wupper and handed the old castle Berge to the Order of Cistercians. In 1145, the new Abbey Altenberg was completed, built from the old remains of castle Berge. Historians now believe that the old castle Berge is the cradle of the Bergisches Land. Castle ruins are located only a few miles from our home.

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